BBA encourages a fair and friendly playing culture and welcomes new and returning players. We have options for most ages (all dependent on our volunteers!)

Aussie Hoops

For children aged Under 8 as of 31 December (mid-season).

A introductory national program using fun and high-energy activities to introduce simple passing, dribbling and shooting skills for 6–7 year olds.


For children aged Under 10 as of 31 December (mid-season).

A short group training session followed by a full-court scored game with mixed teams. It is a gentle competition focused on enjoyment and basic skill development.

Very popular and numbers are strictly capped!

Sub Juniors

For children aged Under 13 as of 31 December (mid-season).

Boys and girls play in assigned teams in separate comps and have their first taste of full competition with a ladder and finals, with emphasis on developing game skills, teamwork, confidence and respect for officials.


For teens aged Under 16 as of 31 December (mid-season).

Boys and girls play in assigned teams in separate comps and continue to practise and develop their basketball skills at all levels of ability and experience.


For teens and adults aged 16 and over as of 31 December (mid-season).

Seniors make their own teams in the Men’s and Women’s comps – ask your team organiser for the player registration link.

The team must be registered at least two weeks before the season starts but senior players can register throughout the season.

Please get in contact if you need help finding a team.


Our Firetails representative teams are a chance for players with both the aptitude and motivation to further enhance their basketball skills. Players benefit from high-intensity training and informal matches as well as competing in formal regional comps – but it takes more commitment and focus than the domestic comp.

Try-outs for U18 teams and younger are held during registration/early season (check our Facebook or News page). Teams are grouped by age and the availability of age groups is entirely determined by the availability of volunteer coaches.

BBA will support Senior teams wishing to play Regionals/Country Champs but we can’t organise it for you!